Can you believe a “jealousy” lead me to this ‘Akicha-san’?


I won’t fall for other idols too much.

That’s what I thought for such a long time after deciding to be in Super Junior’s fandom–ELF. That statement was true; I didn’t get too much in love for other idols–eventho the idols are more handsome or younger..

I’ve mentioned in this blog about JKT48 and AKB48, rite? Well, I know these groups but it isn’t like I like them (but it also isn’t like I hate them). Well when people in Indonesia started to talk about JKT48 (in 2011–when they were going to be debuted), I felt curious about this 48-things and I started to look for more information.

Shortly, I got it. I found about AKB48 which is the idol group in Akibahara, Japan, who started everything. This group has ‘branches’ or ‘sister groups’ in Japan, such as SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, and SDN48 (which is now already disbanded). JKT48 is the first overseas sister group they have and I wonder why they decide to make sister group in Indonesia, at first… I mean, people are mostly tired seeing some random girlbands or boybands here.. But then, wow, surprisingly, JKT48 is quite acceptable here. I got more curious and try harder to look for information of AKB48 (which was ended up by fangirling over them) also because of the jealousy.. Well my boyfriend didn’t stop fanboying over JKT48 and that was quite hard for me. But I didn’t know why that made me feel more curious about JKT48 and AKB48 instead of avoiding them.

JKT48 then had many other songs. I didn’t care too much at that time, to be honest. I found it more interesting seeing AKB48’s MV and enjoying their (AKB48’s) version of songs. I have to admit that I don’t really enjoy seeing girls in bikini and dancing and act like they show off their (sorry) boobs and body or something like that–that’s why I skipped some of their MVs. But their songs and seifukus are really attractive. I love them so much–the girls look so pretty; make me a bit envy :p

I remember some of first MVs of AKB48’s that I downloaded: Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara, Aitakatta, If (by French Kiss), Enkyori Poster (by Team PB), Sakura no Shiori, and some others. “If” MV was the one I enjoyed much. At first, I fell for Yukirin. But then, I saw this girl…


She looks nice.. Her hair is long (which is actually not my favorite), but she made me curious (again).

At that time, I liked to wear knitted hat. That’s why I enjoyed seeing this MV since I can see this girl and another one (named Mocchi) wore knitted hats..


I can see Yukirin in the middle but I didn’t know why my eyes focused on the girl on her left..


…she looks extremely cute on her hat, rite?

And another song I enjoyed was Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara (which is made in Indonesian/JKT48 version not long after I watched this MV). Again, I saw this girl (but I was sure this MV was made before the “If” MV).


Can’t you see her cuteness? Here’s one more..


I didn’t know her name. I just…. I thought she looked cute but not over-cute. She’s just….. Well, I like her as an idol!

And then, I also watched this MV..


Yes!! Team PB – Enkyori Poster!!

Again, I thought I enjoyed this video because of Yukirin. Well, I did. Yukirin is gorgeous! But then, I realized I can’t help smiling seeing the same girl I mentioned above..


AKB48 - Enkyori Poster_001_1096

Can you see now why I say she’s cute?

I found myself feel curious about this girl.. I tried to look for her name.. Aki Takajo. She was born on 1991 (one year older than me) and I just can’t stop looking more information about here. She once felt so down on his grandfather’s death but she can make it through. She promised to smile as always to make her grandpa happy.. This story of hers and her grandpa remains me of my own grandpa–which makes me feel more happy to be her fangirl..

I watched her in other AKB48’s MV (or PV, actually) and I l do love the way she smiles.. Her grandpa must be right–she looks best whenever she’s smiling..

I liked her at that time, but I didn’t go too far. My bf was a fan of a member of JKT48 and I secretly had already an oshi from AKB48. No one knew this. People still thought that I was only a fan of Super Junior (which is my fav boyband from South Korea). Meanwhile, I had never been a fangirl of a girl group before. I mean–a girl group which consists of many girls in (sometimes) sexy costumes. Well.. I’ve told you I hate seeing the girls in such sexy costume or bikini, but I do like seeing them singing in their cute seifukus, while reading the lyrics of their songs which usually give so many lesson for me..

I like her at that time, but I didn’t  go too far… I even tried to forget about AKB48, because everytime I watched their videos, I would remember about JKT48 which makes me jealous due to my bf’s attention to one of the members.. But sometimes, I found myself again, sang their songs, happily..

So we came to one day on 2012. JKT48 had a special announcement: Haruka Nakagawa and Aki Takajo will be transferred to JKT48.

I suddenly felt surprised… I wasn’t sure if they said Aki Takajo.. I even type her name on Google, to make me sure she is the Aki Takajo that I like..


My life started to change.

I watched JKT48 on TV since Akicha was among the members. I felt like I wanted to cry seeing JKT48 singing Karena Kusuka Dirimu (Indonesia version of Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara) with Akicha as the center..

I bought Akicha’s photopack without thinking.. (But now I only have one PP of her–in Nagai Hikari costume–the song in which she gets the solo part in JKT48 version–and three trump cards of her in JKT48 singles)

I got so excited when JKT48 did the live performances since I can see Akicha on TV.. On Indonesian channel.. Akicha.. In the same country as me..

With Akicha being there, I seriously felt so happy..

I wanted to come to JKT48 theater in Jakarta, but that’s far away from my hometown. Well~ I can go by train for about 7 hours but I also feel quite afraid. Many fans of JKT48 are boys and I don’t feel to confident to be alone surrounded by boys ._.

I can’t ask my bf to go (we finally have the same fav group  after I turn into JKT48 since Akicha is there) because it will be difficult for us to look for the place to sleep over then.. And my girl friends? No one of them like JKT48.. They know about it but they aren’t fans so they don’t think about going there.

I have to admit…I didn’t tell anyone but my bf that I started to enjoy JKT48. Yet, I bought every CD of them with Akicha is in the cover. I bought their 1st single and tried hard to get Akicha’s PP (I looked for it for some time in CD store, with my bf). I didn’t bought the 2nd single since Akicha isn’t the senbatsu, but I bought the trump card of her. The seller sent me the trump card…together with the CD! So, I also got the 2nd single :p

Because of Akicha, yeah, I enjoy seeing JKT48. My fav members beside her are Beby and Rica Leyona..

I didn’t participate on HS event due to the distance.. I didn’t go to theater due to the distance.. I only read the reports by some fans 😦 I said before, I didn’t tell anyone but my bf that I started to enjoy JKT48.. Going to Jakarta to watch JKT48 means I need to tell others what I’ll do there. JKT48–at that time–wasn’t cool enough for me.. Well it’s not about them, actually. What makes me think so is their fans. I don’t like some of their fans who are–sadly–quite arrogant. Read my post before to get the explanation.

But then, on the HS event for the release of their 3rd single (KFC), I decided to buy the CD (plus handshake ticket) since it was getting easier–we can order via JKT48 website. I bought tickets for Akicha and Rica. I did feel sooo happy! At this point, I don’t care what people think (to be honest, for people around me, JKT48 is quite good group but they also get bad stereotype due to their fans–that’s why at first I kept it as a secret that I like them, especially Akicha.. But some of my besties know about this and they–Thank God–respect my fav).

B U T ….

Unfortunately, I can’t go to HS event 😦

The event will be on Sunday, but I’ll have classes on Friday and exam on Monday, and the schedule of the train didn’t support my mobility (?).

So I decided not to go.. I sent my gift for Akicha to my friend on twitter..

But then..

Akicha cancelled her HS due to bad health condition 😦


Eventho I didn’t come to HS, I felt so sad about this.. People say Akicha is getting bored to be in JKT48.. I think, that’s a harsh statement since we can’t really understand her feeling, rite?

One thing for sure, it is the management who takes control of her schedule.. But that’s so sad seeing her gets a lot of harsh words from some JKT48 fans.. Her ranking on AKB48 sousenkyo had decreased (she is in #20), she doesn’t get the chance to be the center in JKT48. She rarely perform with JKT48, but her career is not getting great too in AKB48 (she is also a member of Team B)..

I feel sorry for her. She just isn’t lucky lately, I guess. But that’s why we–her fans–should show her thousand of supports!!

I’ve decided to try to come to her HS later (to replace her schedule) but the schedule isn’t announced yet. I hope I can go..

Now I really have no doubt to be her fan.. I know I don’t really like some fans of JKT48 and I hear a lot of bad gossip about JKT48, but….I’ll try hard to support Akicha, as a part of either JKT48 or AKB48!

I wish her management will give her a more tolerated reasons on her uncertain schedule.. 

Until now, I can’t stop smiling seeing her photo in smile..

12 - 1 13 - 1 akilucu takajo_aki BOTD2j4CIAAp-wH BRFVKJmCIAA7LPi


D A I S U K I !!!!!

Semangaaaaat!! ^^


3 thoughts on “Can you believe a “jealousy” lead me to this ‘Akicha-san’?

  1. Zaza

    I’m so glad you’re an Akicha oshi! Thank you so much for having been supportive of her even when she has so much trouble with her schedule:) Akicha’s been dropping in the sousenkyo, and it’s been really saddening. So in the distant future (i hope), when she graduates from AKB48, I hope that you will continue to support out lovely smiling air-headed idol!

    • Yes, I still love Akicha even until today! You’re also an Akicha oshi? 😀 Yes of course, I’m gonna support her in everything she does. Even though she’s no longer in JKT48, I still wish her all the best! ❤

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