Volcanic Ash Fall in Yogyakarta 2014~


Hello. I just want to share some things~

These are the pictures I got (from my friends, mostly–Bahar and Nana) during the days of Volcanic Ash Fall. I live in Yogyakakarta (Special Region of Yogyakarta Province) which is about 215 km from Kelud Volcano. Well, yeah, this ash fall is the effect of the eruption of Kelud Volcano (East Java Province).

PS: These photos are taken on the first morning after the eruption, February 14, 2014.









Thick ashes, huh? -__-

And here are photos of some areas of my university–only 3 photos, though :p




The ashes are not good for your health, guys! Please make sure you wear mask and glasses and thing to cover your hair too, or your hair will be rigid..






Additional part:

I seriously warn you guys to be careful especially in driving your car or motorcycle. Due to the ashes, you can see clearly–only about 2-3m in front of you. I just got a motorcycle accident (my friend was the one driving it) and we got hurt in some areas of our body. So… Take care!2014-02-16 23.57.45


Well, today is already February 17, 2014 (even though it’s still 00:31AM), so it is not that bad today, but the ashes are still everywhere and there are big winds sometimes. So, guys, please wish us luck! And #PrayForKelud, always ❤




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