Bombs. In My 2 Fandoms.


I never imagine the time like this will be happening.

It was nothing big for me, actually. But, yes, it was shocking and confusing. From both my fandoms, ELF and JKT48, seems like everything isn’t that okay.

Well at the first place, I’m an ELF, and sometimes enjoy other groups’ song too. Groups from SME are my favorites so I kinda having love too for all of them.

Year of 2014 was started by Yoona’s dating rumor which was then confirmed. SONE were shocked at first, but they’re fine at last. Other members like Tiffany, Taeyeon, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon (but then Hyo was break up) also got the same blow-up for their dating news. Although it was shocking, but I feel happy for them.

Then there were news like Kris leaving EXO. At this point I was like….wow.

Kris is always my favorite in EXO-M. Can’t believe he’s no longer there. It was so heartbreaking. And I didn’t think that other members were supportive (?), I don’t know… I mean, at that time, seems like everyone put blame on Kris.

And there was also Sulli case ’till she went on hiatus. I was shocked, but then….boom! The bomb came again: Jessica was kicked out from SNSD.

…. Ouch.

SNSD isn’t my number 1 favorite group–but I love them! I love these 9 girls and love how they even make me enjoy their songs. Their bond looks so real, so… why? I mean…. WHAT WAS HAPPENING? It said that it was because of Sica’s business… There was also saying that Sica was the one acting selfish..

I don’t know. I’m just sooo sad.

And, again, from EXO-M, Luhan decided to leave.


I’m not sure what is happening. Seems like shocking news is actually prepared to be appeared in each day.

I think at first, I’m fine as long Super Junior is fine. SJ is my most favorite and important one, btw.

OH! I forget to mention that–yeah–Super Junior Sungmin confirmed to be dating a musical actress–Kim Sa Eun.

My timeline was sooooo crowded. A lot of ELF hate Sa Eun and said that she’s only someone using Sungmin to make her famous. Some others support both Sungmin and Sa Eun because it’s his choice.

I’m happy for Sungmin, really. I’m very happy. But it’s so sad to see ELF hating on someone that oppa really loves.

Heechul said Sungmin cried because of this and said sorry to ELF. This makes me hurt too, because he didn’t need to be sorry, to be honest. There’s nothing wrong with love…

So, days after that, there was a rumor saying Sungmin will be getting married on December 13. I didn’t believe it at first as I thought it was too easy for them and Sungmin will enlist to the army too..

But then, Sungmin himself confirmed it.

He wrote a letter to ELF on his blog.

Sweet, eh?

So everything changed. Some ELF stay, some leave. People say K-ELF were so angry at Sungmin and wanted him to leave SJ. I just don’t get it ’till I read this.

They have stronger affection–that’s why they got angrier and became so much mad about this news. But there are still so many people supporting Sungmin–me too. ELF even made #BeHappySungmin into TTWW at the same day after Sungmin wrote the letter.

So the next day was a ‘bomb’ to. This time was for JKT48 fandom. There were photos of members…..and boys. I mean, maybe they’re their boy friends…or boyfriends? Dunno.

Other photos are the members… in.. I don’t know–people said they’re in the club (?) Not sure.

No one knows the source of the photo. Some photo has “JKT Bunshun” written on it.

Well, there’s my oshi, Rica Leyona, in one of the photo, being hugged by a man.

I felt disappointed at first. I didn’t know how I should act…. I just… It’s disappointing, yes.

To see someone you respect acting unexpected–yes, it hurts.

People say about Golden Rule, which is a love-ban for JKT48 member. They’re not allowed to be dating. Some people say that actually there’s no something like this rule, but some members even said it on air on TV that they’re not allowed to be in a romantic relationship.

So… What is Rica doing in the photo? Her bestfriend, the member, Sendy–also being so close with a boy…

Fans were angry.

I was angry. I chose to talk to someone (Rica’s fans) older than me and she gave me advise how I should try to think about this whole situation.

I’m not gonna write my conversation with her, but I think it made me calm.

If people said there’s actually nothing like golden rule, so why are they being so upset?

What are they doing–saying that they are betrayed? Do the members promise them something like… love? Do the members promise them to be their girlfriends?

If people said there’s actually nothing like golden rule, so why are they being so upset?

Why do they keep badmouthing them? Why do they keep cursing them? Well, private life will always be private life..

If people said there’s actually nothing like golden rule, so why are they being so upset?

Just because she is your idol, it doesn’t mean she’ll be your love.. It doesn’t mean that you are the one who has to know what she is doing every single day, with whom she is going, what kind of event she is attending…

Just because she is your idol, it doesn’t mean she’s your life, right?

So I’m not sure why people say ‘they are betrayed’?

Look. If you asked them directly, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

OF COURSE, they said “No.”

If you think the reason for them saying like that is popularity, let’s try think the other way, like….. who are you for them?

You’re simply a new stranger for them. You meet them ONLY BECAUSE you’re a fan of this group. ONLY BECAUSE this group does exist.

And what will you do if a new stranger ask something that is include as your privacy?

You won’t answer the question that honest.

I bet they know their position. They know if they date in public, fans will be angry, yet they have their own life…

You sometimes think that you’ll someday leave this fandom, right? So they do.

That’s why I said they have their own life.

It is so sad seeing their fans turn back against them–at this point, as my oshi is Rica, I talk about her.

Some Rica’s fans even finally went away and kept judging without even trying to know more–what is happening, why, when, how, who…

She’s in pain now–as she has an appendicitis and hasn’t been able to take a surgery yet. This is actually also heartbreaking to see ones that used to be so happy because of her, now turn back against her and badmouthing her.

She made you smile, she made you happy. Sometimes you even kept showing off things pointing your ‘achievement’ to be noticed by her. She made you laugh, she made you proud…

But then, this happened. You hate her, you went away, judge her, didn’t even try to think about her…

Well. I may be the wrong one. We’ll never know unless they give a confirmation just like SM always do in K-Pop.

Until this time, some ELF are still arguing about Sungmin. I just want him to stay. I feel happy for him to be married on December but I don’t want him to go, so I support him to stay. As for Rica, I think I’ll stay. From the beginning, I’m not way into JKT48 so much, to be honest. But as long as I can, I’ll try not to let her alone. Well to be honest I need a confirmation too from JKT48 Official Team or Rica, but there’s none. It’s disappointing…

As for JKT48, I’ll quote from here with some changes, about why the fans are so mad to the members:

“Some JKT48 fans have different attachment to the girls in the group. They stalk them, meet them, talk with them, communicate, see them every handshake event and theater, following them around while far and international fans only sit in front of their computer. Well some JKT48 fans have stroooooooonger affection. That’s why.

Just let them. They just need longer time to understand. Stop bashing or attacking.”

That’s all. Bye.